Sunday, June 3, 2012


I need to remind myself to sit and breathe (and blog) from time to time. I've been having such a great Spring and early Summer. The weather in Chicagoland was awesome in March, dipped a bit in April and May but is absolutely perfect right now!
Here are a few looks at our 3 French Hens booth from a few weeks ago.
 This vintage birdcage (with the perfect stuffed bird inside who doesn't make a mess) sold very early.
 The turquoise leather chair also sold, along with the footstool, mirror and lots of other goodies. It was cold and rainy but our dedicated shoppers had boots and coats and umbrellas! The next sale is July 14th. See you there!
Now, a before and after for you. I picked up 2 of these little wooden tables covered with contact paper at the Gray's Lake flea a few months ago.

 I padded the top, covered it with part of a denim dress, and then trimmed it with the bottom part of a ladies skirt, both from my favorite Goodwill.
 And my latest find, a HUGE vintage yoyo quilt in great shape! I'm actually disassembling it oh so carefully so I can use the yo-yos in my projects. I'll have so many, maybe I'll put some in my woefully neglected etsy shop.
 I picked up the quilt at Distraction in Cedarburg, WI where I have some of my pieces for sale. The picture below is from Distraction's website. The stool covered in a burlap coffee bag is one of my creations that's for sale there.
Hope you're having a great summer, remember to take time to breathe.......