Saturday, March 5, 2011

This season's 1st flea market

I could not WAIT for this weekend's first Kane County Flea Market of 2011. It was 60 degrees and gorgeous yesterday and I had such high hopes for this weekend's weather. However, today, it was 30 and snowing! Went anyway, not many outside vendors but 2 barns and 4 buildings were bustling with shoppers who needed their flea market fix after being cooped up all winter and sellers who had been collecting good junk for us all winter. It seemed like everyone was carrying big purchases. Every piece of furniture I saw had a "SOLD" sign on it.
I did ok tho. Here are a few of my finds:
The basket I found today is my version of one I saw in the latest issue of Flea Market magazine. This is theirs:
and knew it would be my mission this year to find the components and fashion one of my own, I just didn't know I'd get it together so soon! Good day all the way around!


  1. My mission this year is to get one of those baskets! Loving your finds!


  2. Yes!!! You're a granny cart lady too, just like me :) I love mine and it is perfect for flea marketing.

  3. You found great stuff, Julie! That flower frog is fantastic!