Sunday, July 31, 2011

Bird Tag Swap

I participated in Karla Nathan's Bird Tag Swap and this is the tag book she put together for me. What talented artists we all are! We had to send her 7 tags and then she matched up tags she thought would look good together and sent us each (there were over 100 of us!) a book of our own. The tags I received are shown above, from (left to right) Cher, Donna, Cami, and Elaine Paullus.
The tags shown above are from (left to right) Karla, Sharon, Tina, and Darlene Nahre.
These are the tags I made. I didn't really read the directions completely, so I decorated the front AND back of the tags. And I didn't put my name prominently on the back so I've only heard from one of my recipients. If the others don't have excellent eyesight, they may not even see my name. Oh well.
It was great fun making them all and if you've never been in a swap, I highly recommend it.
Thanks Karla, for putting these all together for us!


  1. Hi Julie, Thanks for stopping by my blog,and thanks for your comment. Your tags are GREAT if I get one that is decorated on both sides I will know who's it is. I will not see mine till late Sept. as I had them sent to my home in Florida, I am in PA now. I can t wait!
    Thanks again, PS I love your blog~

  2. I was in this swap too and I am so enjoying seeing all the different tags!

  3. I am impressed yet again, Julie! That's fantastic that you participated in this tag swap. I haven't participated in a swap since Silver Bella last year. All the tags are fabulous.

  4. The tags you made are seriously sooooo amazing!!! Makes me what to get crafting!! LOVE it all!
    XO Traci