Sunday, July 10, 2011

A Perfect Summer Day

Yesterday was the second 3 French Hens Market in Morris, IL for this season and my first attempt at being on the vendor side of things. I am an expert shopper but as a vendor, I have a whole new appreciation for you folks who do this week in and week out in markets all over Chicagoland. Thank goodness it's my hobby or I'd starve to death, not to mention die of heat stroke! Here are a few pictures of our booth.
This is my hubby after we spent 2 hours setting
up, beginning at 6am. I definitely could not have done it without him, thanks honey!We hung my tag name in altered cardboard letters above the tables and wouldn't you know it people were asking if I sell the alphabets!
It was almost 100 degrees but we had THE best spot in the whole park, next to a huge shade tree. Thanks Traci! Mark from Room 363 even came and took pictures of some of my things, hopefully they'll make the 3 French Hens blog.
Some things I learned: what you think will sell, won't, and what you brought just a few of will fly off the shelves, Square is an awesome way to take credit card payments on your iPhone, and it's a great feeling when people actually want to spend their hard-earned money on things I've made. Check out this lady below taking a picture with her phone. I'm sure she's thinking "I can make that"!
It was a Perfect Summer Day.


  1. Where are you, Julie? I keep looking and can't find you. I would love for you to show us your altered letters, too. I have NEVER had anyone ask to buy our letters.

    We have done a local fair for ten years and about eight out of ten years, it has poured rain! We have flaps on our tent now and big cement corner stands! The water almost makes a river in front of our booth but Kat and I have become quite adept at just carrying on. Thank God it is only one day!!!

    Jud is doing pretty well. The last two tumor markers were down. That's a good thing. We hope this protocol is working. We are planning some good trips and are going to squeeze every happy moment we can.

    So are you going to any art retreats? I sure could use one!!!


  2. I want to thank you for leaving such a sweet comment about my bird tag. I am so glad you are enjoying it.
    After leaving this, I am off to follow your lovely blog.
    I see that you are new to doing shows. Watch out, it's addictive and lots of fun. There is no greater satisfaction then someone purchasing something you made.
    I used to do shows when I was weaving baskets. It's very expensive to do them here on the west coast, so I had to give it up.
    Good luck, I am envious of all the wonderful people you had a chance to talk to. I look forward to living my booth days through your experiences, Char