Saturday, September 18, 2010

My day at Karla's Cottage

Today I met some very creative souls. I was awestruck to be in the company of Karla Nathan, Lori Oles, and Carol Spinsky who have all been published numerous times in our favorite magazines! Karla hosted a "play date" at her home near Kansas City. Karla had a "closet of goodies" for us. When you walked in the door, it's the first thing you saw. It was like going to an artist's retreat! THe carrot cake was to die for!

Karla and her husband made lunch for us and this was part of her tablescape.It was so vintage and elegant. Every bird in her home has a crown on! Everyone's napkin ring was actually a cuff bracelet that we got to keep! My other new friends are Jami Miller and Nora Neely.

I traveled to Kansas City from my home about an hour west of Chicago (~500 miles) to "play" in Karla's Cottage. The other ladies came from as far away as Arkansas! On the way, I stopped at the Rusty Chandelier and the Curious Sofa. I was too chicken to ask the stores if I could take pictures for my blog so those are still in my head. This is Karla and her granddaughter. Look closely to see the wire crown on Sugarwings' head!


  1. Thanks so much for coming all the way to hang out with us! See you again in Omaha!!

  2. Oh, you lucky girl, Julie! Karla's Cottage looks so heavenly and you got to experience it in person. Just LOVE how she set the table! So glad you had fun.

  3. Julie,
    Hello from Croatia! I am so glad to see you have something on your site but most of all I am glad that you traveled all that way to Karla's play date. She is an incredible generous person and was so welcoming and kind to me from the first time I wrote a comment on her blog.

    I loved seeing your picture on her site and your hat is adorable so don't worry. I wish you could seen mine. Really a little old lady hat.

    I am in the process of putting together some things for you and Merry Gray but right now I am just trying to get through this trip! I did finish some sachets for my swap (rather, the design is pinned on!) I still have my own to think about, as do you!

    Be sure and feel free to write as I have my computer here and can get mail. We will be home on Sunday. I feel I have neglected you a bit :-(
    I certainly think of you a lot!

    Sending big hugs,

  4. Hi Julie! So glad I found your blog. I wish I could`ve joined you at Karla`s. I love your bottles. I don`t have a clue about blogs but I`m working on one. Have a Blessed day! Kim :0)

  5. Hello again, Julie Jayne!
    Just checking in. Does your sister have a blog? I would love to be connecting to her more...and you!

  6. Oh, how much fun to spend time with those sweet, creative ladies! I'll be at Silver Bella this year too and hope we have the opportunity to meet....

  7. It was great to meet you at SB Julie! I was sooo tired when I got home, but I've spent the whole day showing off goodies and smiling when I think of all the lovely ladies that made them. Please stay in touch and come over to oneladyarts.blogspot to see some of the things I shared and received. Hope to see you again, you are such a sweetie!