Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Secrets and Surprises

I came home from work today to find some secrets and surprises waiting for me! A Halloween box was waiting for me from my new friend Kathi. We joined Heather's Halloween box swap and were swapmates. My box of goodies included a feather pen and some vintage papers,

handmade ephemera, flowers, paper doilies, candy, all wrapped in pretty tissue. Kathi put a lot of time and love into the box and it REALLY made my day!

and they were all in a great tin box!

Check out Kathi's blog to hear her story of how she trudged through the rain to get this very special gift to me! Thank you Kathi, see you at Silver Bella in 7 short weeks! Julie


  1. Julie,
    Fun stuff! I missed the Halloween swap because of trips and a bug I caught. Just too much.

    Before the day is out, I will have a letter off to you and Merry. Before the week is off, I hope to have a box of goodies off to you both.

    Just ordered my soldering equipment and feeling very poor!!!


  2. I call dibbs on that cute punched punkin' face thingy-you know I NEEEED that for a scrapbook page for Bee! ♥ You are sooo loved!